Welcome to TeachMeRussian.net – a place that helps people learn Russian correctly and efficiently. Learning a new language can be challenging and difficult, but today’s technology can certainly make the process much easier and more fun!

No longer does one need to learn phrases from the back of a Traveller’s Guide. Nor do you have to be limited to the 100 phrases listed there. As for pronunciation… would anyone even dare? Hmmm… we are pretty sure most people don’t.

Hence, we have developed a system that allows you to learn online as well as on-the-go!

TeachMeRussian.net is a complementary website to SpeakEasy Russian – an iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch application that allows you to learn the same phrases with audio on your hand-held device! With thousands of copies sold around the world, Skype Russian is proving to be a hit among Russian language learners.

Our main goal is to help people learn Russian correctly. While there is a lot of content available online, remember that not all sources are trust-worthy. Although it is humorous to see some of the translations, it is also scary to realize that some people are being taught incorrectly without even knowing it. We stand strong behind our content and take pride in the great effort it took to make it available to the world. We hope you enjoy this Russian phrasebook as much as we enjoyed creating it!